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If you’re looking to do more than merely buy, sell and hold your coins, then you’re going to love what’s in store in this Crypto.com review. Let’s take a look at why below…

For those serious about the future of crypto, this platform will be of huge interest, as Crypto.com is way more than just an exchange. As well as being able to trade cryptocurrencies, you can also stake your crypto or hold it for interest. On top of that, there’s a crypto wallet, NFT marketplace, and a whole lot more.

Crypto.com: Pros & Cons
  • Over 250 cryptocurrencies
  • Lending and staking also available
  • Next-generation blockchain
  • Customer service sometimes slow
  • Customer service sometimes slow

Security, usability, look and feel - Why Crypto.com is futuristic and intuitive

The first impressions of the Crypto.com website are that it looks slick, well-designed, and extremely futuristic. The matted black background allows the simple fonts to stand out in what is an overall minimalist design. The site looks high budget, and that’s backed up by the celebrity-led video that pops up when you land on the page.

In terms of the actual usability, the website is super easy to navigate and it’s extremely transparent – that is to say, nothing is hidden. Everything that you could wish to find can be discovered via the drop-down menus in the bar across the top of your screen.

When it comes to the products available, Crypto.com divides them into two categories: getting started and advanced trading, which makes the site great for users of all experience levels. Beginner traders are directed towards the buy and sell, spending, and growth functions, while advanced traders are also pointed towards the exchange defi and ecosystem.

All in all, Crypto.com is way more than your run-of-the-mill crypto exchange, and that’s apparent from the outset. You have access to things like crypto wallets, credit cards and DeFi crypto loans, as well as an NFT marketplace and more. Additionally, Crypto.com even has its own next-gen blockchain, which looks to be pretty exciting.

The Crypto.com app

Crypto.com has centered all of its services around mobile trading and therefore the app is an absolute must-have. You can download it on both Apple and Android devices from all major app stores, including Google Play and App Store. The app makes it easy to view your portfolio and access the tools and features within a few clicks, including the crypto lending platform. Overall, not only does the app match the website in terms of capabilities – we would even say that it actually surpasses it.

In terms of security, Crypto.com has a lot of high-level measures in place to protect customer accounts and funds. For starters, funds are stored in a cold (offline storage), which is the safest way to keep them safe from hackers and cyber attacks. Your account is protected by both whitelisting and a multi-factor authentication login system.

How to trade – Our Crypto.com review will walk you through

Naturally, the first step towards trading with Crypto.com and discovering their crypto lending rates is to create your account. The first thing we should point out once again is the focus on mobile trading, which means that you can’t create your account via the website. Therefore the first thing that you need to do is head to your app store and download the app.

To then get started, you simply need to enter your email and choose a password, after which Crypto.com will verify your account once you provide a photo of your ID and selfie alongside your full name and address. The final step before you can actually start trading is to link a payment method to your account.

The process of linking up your payment account to your Crypto.com account will differ depending on the payment method that you use and the country that you are in. In most countries, you will need to complete KYC in order to link your bank account – but that’s something we’ll cover later in this Crypto.com review.

Overall, if you have everything ready to hand, the whole registration process, including verification and payment KYC, should take less than fifteen minutes. You can then make your first deposit subject to the full limits and conditions with Crypto.com.

Start trading

Once your account has been created and funded, you are ready to start trading and/or benefiting from one of the numerous other functions, such as the crypto lending calculator. Through the app, you can quickly and easily access all of the trading platforms, which are really easy to use. Even the more complex platforms have been designed in a way that shows you only the information that you need to know. However, that doesn’t mean that anything is missing and the interface is customizable. Overall, this is a great app for traders who want to grow and broaden their horizons.


Payments - Low fees with credit/debit card and bank transfer purchases

When it comes to buying and selling cryptocurrencies with Crypto.com, the way to get the lowest fees is to use your credit/debit card or purchase via bank transfer. You can use one of 20 fiat currencies to buy crypto here, including USD, GBP, EUR, and more. When it comes to actually depositing funds into your account using a cryptocurrency, there are no fees charged at all.

For withdrawals, there are daily and monthly limits and the fee that is charged per withdrawal depends on both the coin and the network that you wish to withdraw to. As always when making deposits and withdrawals using crypto, selecting the correct currency and blockchain address is essential if you don’t want the transaction to fail – which you don’t of course.

Crypto.com Metal Visa Cards

We should also use this section of our Crypto.com review to talk a little bit about their own payment services. As well as offering a crypto wallet and its own blockchain, Crypto.com also offers a range of Metal Visa Cards. Your Crypto.com Metal Visa Card can be topped up with fiat or cryptocurrencies and it comes with no annual fees.

You can then use it to withdraw from ATMs and pay for goods and services, including the likes of Spotify and Netflix. There are four tiers of Crypto.com Metal Visa card, each with different account minimums and benefits. As you can see by using our Nexo.io review as a reference for comparison, the Metal Visa Card is something that’s pretty unique.

Customer service - Great standard of assistance

The Crypto.com customer service team can be reached 24/7 via email and live chat services. Naturally, the live chat service is the most convenient and can be opened at the click of a button in both the app and on the website. The live chat function works extremely well and the level of service is excellent.

The only downside is that at certain times of the day, the response times can be quite slow compared to some of Crypto.com competitors – see our KuCoin review as one such example. However, when the response time is likely to be slow, you will be forewarned via a message.

There’s no need to rush to the live chat the first time that you run into a problem. If it’s an issue that can easily be resolved, such as help with ID verification or asking how do crypto loans work, then the help center should suffice. From our experience, there’s only a real need to contact customer service for what we would call ‘bespoke’ issues.

License and security - Is Crypto.com legit?

Crypto.com is licensed in multiple countries and jurisdictions throughout the world, including the majority of US states. All USD account balances with Crypto.com also have FDIC insurance that covers up to $250,000. In Europe, Crypto.com is run by Foris DAX MT Limited, a company that is based in Malta and is authorized to provide a number of VFA services.

Additionally, Crypto.com also holds a number of licenses globally, including an Australian Financial Services license. During our research for this Crypto.com review, we could find no history of regulation breaches or any red flags with raising.

Is Crypto.com safe?

Crypto.com’s security measures are about as airtight as they can be. As mentioned previously they have a multi-factor authentication login system to protect your account and keep your funds in an offline storage. Additionally, all deposits are screened for compliance reasons and their crypto wallets have strict access rights. Overall, not only is Crypto.com safe, we would go as far as to say that it’s a trailblazer in crypto exchange security.

Reputation and customer feedback – Largely positive

In terms of the actual services offered by Crypto.com, the reviews from existing users are extremely positive. People seem to like the fact that it is a platform that has been built for more than simply trading in cryptocurrencies and that it has multiple functions without having an overly complex platform. On the other hand, we have seen the odd Crypto.com review complaining about the slow customer service. You can check out our Celsius Network review for a comparison.

Crypto.com Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrencies - Over 250 to trade

At Crypto.com users can buy and sell over 250 cryptocurrencies via the trading platform. These include BTC, ETH, LTC and plenty more altcoins and stablecoins. As well as being able to store your cryptocurrencies with the Crypto.com wallet, you can also get 8% back on spending if you apply for a Crypto.com Metal Visa Card and also get up to 10% back when you use the card to shop. Both of these cashback incentives are paid in Crona (CRO), which is Crypto.com’s own coin.

You don’t have to open the app or the trading platform in order to check out the market with Crypto.com. The “Prices” tab in the app is simple to use (even for newcomers to crypto) and displays the live prices of the world’s top 50 cryptos changed into the fiat currency of your chosen region. All in all, Crypto.com allows you to buy and sell cryptos with over 20 fiat currencies, including USD, AUD, GBP, and more.

Other trading options with Crypto.com

Crypto.com is so much more than a crypto exchange and trading platform. In fact, that is only a small aspect of what they offer. The core of Crypto.com’s mission is to help make cryptocurrencies more prominent in everyday use. That’s why the company incentivizes users with cashback when using the Crypto.com Visa card. Crypto.com also has its own blockchain, which is 100% decentralized and offers high speeds and low fees.

In terms of additional trading opportunities outside of cryptocurrencies, Crypto.com also now has an NFT marketplace. Here, users can buy and sell NFTs on what is a cutting-edge and very impressive platform. NFTs here are most sold at auction over a time period set by the seller, though buy now prices can be set and some may be completely open to offers. For those who are excited about the future of cryptos and NFTs, this is a platform that should be given a try.

Jurisdictions and limits – A Worldwide provider

Crypto.com is available in some shape or form in numerous locations throughout the world, though the areas of the platform that are available will differ depending on the laws and regulations in each country. The majority of states in the US have access to most of the tools and functions of the Crypto.com app, while there are some restrictions in the likes of the EU and Australia.

In terms of compliance, Crypto.com does its due diligence and is licensed in all regions in which it operates. You can discover what functions are available in each region on the website by clicking on the world icon on the top right of the screen in the app or on the site.

Fees – Competitive pricing

Overall, Crypto.com is not going to give you the bargain of the century when it comes to trading fees, but nor is it going to rinse you for every penny that you have. The trading fees start off at a reasonable rate of 0.4%. This rate will only get better as your trading volume increases, with $25,000 being the threshold after which rates decrease rapidly. Additionally. Crypto.com also gives discounts to users who hold some of their funds in CRO, the company’s own currency and blockchain.

Other than the trading fees, there are no deposit fees to be aware of and there is a small transactional withdrawal fee that is based on the currency you use. There are no additional non-trading fees to speak of and no hidden fees – Crypto.com is completely honest and transparent in this respect.

Product summary – A positive Crypto.com review here

While at first, it may appear as though Crypto.com is a platform that has been built by and for the true cryptocurrency geek, it is also an extremely open platform. While enthusiasm for the wider use of crypto is apparent here, the platform is also extremely user-friendly and has also been built to encourage beginners to get involved in what it believes to be the future of the financial world.

Crypto.com review FAQ

✅ Is Crypto.com reliable?

The most fully comprehensive answer to this question can be found in our review of the Crypto.com exchange here at Bitstacker.com. Follow the link to our site where you can find this review alongside many other crypto exchange and trading platform ratings for December 2023.

❓ What are the fees on Crypto.com?

Check out how the fees at Crypto.com compare to those of its nearest competitors by using the fantastic comparison tool here at Bitstacker.com. Our reviews have been written by experts and are always up to date with accurate information for crypto exchanges online in 2023.

🤔 Is it worth buying Crypto.com’s own coin?

As well as being a cryptocurrency exchange and a wallet, Crypto.com also has its own cryptocurrency called Crono (CRO), which is built on its own blockchain and ecosystem. Find out if it’s worth investing in right here at Bitstacker.com today.

Crypto.com review - The overall conclusion

At the end of the day, what makes Crypto.com  special is the fact that it is so much more than just a crypto exchange. It truly is a state-of-the-art platform that is striving towards a world where cryptocurrency payments are the norm. For those of you who are invested in the future of crypto as a transactional tool, this is a very exciting platform indeed. And while the more casual traders may not appreciate some of the more complex and innovative functions, Crypto.com still also does the basics well.

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