Best Crypto Exchanges September 2023

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Looking for the best crypto exchanges? Our comparison tool has been designed to help every trader to find their ideal platform today. From beginner to expert traders, we’ve got something for everyone here at

As well as bringing you all of the top crypto exchanges across the world, we’ll also provide you with our top tips for crypto trading. Our idea is to help you through the whole journey, from choosing your exchange to using it in the best possible way.

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Who should make use of our crypto exchanges comparison

Our crypto exchange comparison is literally for anyone who is interested in finding a crypto exchange site. Whether you’re a complete crypto newbie or an expert trader, this comparison tool can help to find the right operator for you. We also cater to a whole variety of crypto niches as well. Looking for the best PayPal cryptocurrency exchange? You’ll find it right here at

So how can we help you? All of the reviews contained within our comparison tool have been researched and written by our crypto trading experts. As a result, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands no matter what your experience level and crypto trading volume may be. For the newbies, we can give you the best possible introduction to crypto trading. For more experienced crypto traders, we can help you to find your ideal new exchange site. If you’re looking for more advanced functions, you can also find the best crypto mining platform right here as well.

What is a crypto exchange?

For those of you who are new to cryptocurrencies, let’s first take a look at what a crypto exchange actually is. The concept of a crypto exchange is extremely basic; it’s a place where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies – so essentially, a trading platform. You can buy cryptocurrencies either using a regular fiat currency, such as USD, EUR, or GB, or you can buy and trade cryptos using other cryptocurrencies. If you’ve ever used a forex trading platform, then you’ll find a crypto exchange to be extremely familiar territory, only that cryptos are far more volatile than forex currencies.

One thing we should note is that you can’t actually store your cryptocurrencies with the exchange itself. For this, you will need a crypto wallet. There are two different types of crypto wallets available – software and hardware. The majority of crypto exchanges will give you free access to a software crypto wallet, but you can also use another one should you so choose. For more secure storage, we recommend using a hardware wallet, and you can find the top crypto hardware wallets right here at as well.

Are hardware crypto wallets safe? That’s a question we’re often asked here at, and we can assure you that they most definitely are. That’s a subject for another time though. For now, let’s get back to the task of helping you to find your ideal crypto exchange. First of all, let’s take a look at how we rate operators so that we can bring you the very best in class here at

Operator checklist: Five things we look for when rating the best cryptocurrency exchanges

As we said at the top of this article, our comparison tool is made up of fair and honest reviews of all the top crypto trading and exchanges. When testing a crypto exchange for our review process, our experts look closely at many aspects of each platform. If you want to see an example of one of our reviews, check out the following article: Is Binance safe? Below we’ve highlighted the five most important criteria that we consider when rating crypto exchanges for you.

1. Regulation

First and foremost, we want to ensure that the exchange follows the legal regulatory requirements in your area. In countries where crypto exchanges are completely legal, there are usually strict regulatory requirements in place. For example, in the US, crypto exchanges are regulated by the Banking Secrecy Act (BSA) and operators therefore must register with FinCEN. In the likes of the UK and most EU countries, a license is also required in order for exchanges to operate in their jurisdictions. It’s vital to ensure that you don’t register with a rogue site.

2. Fund storage

As we mentioned briefly earlier, most crypto exchanges will give you access to a software crypto wallet where they will allow you to store the keys that allow you to access your funds on the blockchain. For regular traders, storing your funds in an exchange wallet can be useful, as it allows you quick and easy access. However, if you are looking to store larger volumes, then a third-party software wallet or a hardware wallet is more advisable. Still, the best crypto exchanges should have quality and secure wallets for you to store your keys.

3. Security

Finding a safe and secure crypto exchange is vital, and this goes beyond where and how your funds are stored. Additionally, we look for features including two-factor authentication login and account linking with a specific IP address. In terms of fund and transactional security, we like to see client fund insurance in the event of insolvency, anti-fraud measures and notification measures for withdrawals. While it can be annoying, the stricter and longer the initial withdrawal process is, the safer it usually is. Is Gemini safe in this respect? You can find out right here!

4. Small print

Terms of use, privacy policies and the data protection act…none of the aforementioned will ever be the most exciting documents to read. However, going through them with a microscope is absolutely vital, as we have to ensure that everything is airtight. We want to ensure that you’re going to have a safe, secure and easy-going trading experience. We also always recommend that you read the T&Cs yourself as well.

5. Customer service

Good customer service is vital in all aspects of life, but none more so than with your crypto exchange. We want to make sure that you can access the customer service team around the clock and via multiple different channels. Unlike the stock exchange, crypto exchange markets are open 24/7 and therefore you need to be able to reach them at all times. Live chat and email contact is essential, while phone and WhatsApp/SMS are also strongly preferred if possible. Additionally, we look for a land-based address to ensure the operator can be physically located.

Editor’s recommendation – The best cryptocurrency exchanges

There are multiple crypto exchanges available, so choosing a single one to recommend is no easy task. Still, our editor has sifted through the most ​​popular crypto exchanges in order to bring you our best all-rounder. On balance, we would have to say that Coinbase is our top recommendation for a number of reasons, and we’ll run you through some of these below.

For starters Coinbase has been around since 2012, making it one of the first crypto exchanges, and it continues to be one of the most trusted crypto exchanges to date. They have plenty of security measures in place, and they secure your funds using FDIC-secured accounts. In terms of what coins are available, Coinbase has almost everything, from the likes of bitcoin, litecoin and Ethereum, to meme coins like dogecoin and the more rare and new currencies that are always popping up. We’re always on the lookout for crypto exchanges with all coins, and while it’s almost impossible to have them all, Coinbase is the closest we can find.

Whether you’re a high or low-volume trader, saving as much money as possible is always going to be a good thing. That’s why we’re happy to report that Coinbase regularly tops our list of crypto exchanges with low fees. For new and low-volume traders, the fees are already low, and they get lower and lower as your trading volume increases. In terms of the platform itself, it’s extremely user-friendly for beginners, while having enough functions to keep more experienced crypto traders happy.

Our top exchange

Finding the best crypto exchanges for you

While we might have recommended Coinbase as our top provider, that’s not really what we’re about here at Instead, the main purpose of our crypto exchanges comparison is to help each of our readers to find their ideal platform – and that includes you of course! And how do our experts manage that? Let’s take a quick look below.

Our reviews have been constructed in a manner that allows you to find the crypto exchanges that show strongly in the areas that matter to you most. We rate each operator based on a number of different categories, as a result, you can select the exchange that rates highest where you want it to.

What type of trader are you? 

For example, if you’re a more experienced trader, you might want a website with more advanced functions and a complex trading platform. Beginner traders, on the other hand, will require a more simple site that’s easy to follow. Demo accounts and free trading guides are always a bonus here as well. Some might want more advanced guides, answering questions including is crypto mining profitable?” and more.

The range of currencies that you are looking for is also important. If you are only interested in trading BTC and a couple of other coins, then it’s pointless signing up to an account with thousands of currencies. Aspects including fees, flexibility and customer service are all things that might matter to some more than others. The bottom line is that no matter what you might be looking for, however specific, we can help you find a crypto exchange that suits you here at

Five ultimate tips for using the best cryptocurrency exchanges

Our crypto exchanges comparison might help you to find your ideal operator, however, we don’t feel that our job is done there. Additionally, we also want to help ensure that you have the best possible experience while trading on that platform. At the end of the day, crypto trading might be volatile and risky, but we want you to have the best possible chance of having a great experience overall. That’s why below we’ve provided you with our top five tips for using your crypto exchange account.

Create a strategy

Cryptocurrencies are extremely risky and volatile in nature, and they can also be slightly complex to understand at first. It’s therefore vital that you create some form of strategy before you buy crypto for the first time and start trading. Educate yourself by looking at the market and making sure that you study using legit guides, such as those found right here at Start off by buying cryptos that you have read up on and know about. Budgeting is also a vital part of a strategy, which leads us nicely to our next point…

Risk management

As we said above, cryptocurrencies are volatile in nature, meaning that the price can peak and fall dramatically. This makes it far riskier than most other types of investments, such as forex currencies and stocks. You should always set a budget for buying a cryptocurrency, and that budget should be no more than you can afford to lose. Always stick to this plan and don’t do anything on impulse, such as lump more money into a currency that is climbing.

Diversify (at a steady pace)

At first, we do recommend only investing in one or two currencies for beginner traders, but as you start to gain experience, it’s better to diversify your portfolio. Spreading your investment across multiple different cryptos actually helps your risk management, as you’re not reliant on one market. For example, if you have $500 in bitcoin and it falls, you’re completely exposed to the risk and could lose everything. However, if you have $100 invested in five different currencies, you’re more protected should one dip drastically.

Use a hardware wallet

We mentioned this earlier in the article, but as a reminder, the exchange will allow you to store funds in a software wallet. While this is convenient and easy for frequent trading, we don’t recommend keeping high volumes here. As your volume increases, we strongly recommend moving some to a hardware crypto wallet. A hardware wallet is a physical device that stores your keys to the blockchain in a PIN and password-protected cold storage. This means that the key to your crypto assets is kept offline and is 100% safe from hackers and cyber attacks.

Low isn’t always good

A common misconception in the world of crypto trading is that buying when the price is low is mostly a good thing, as it’s always bound to spike again. However, that is a myth and there are ways to tell if a low price actually means it’s a good time to buy. Look at how many people are using the currency, or check out what the developer who created the currency is doing. These are the two main things that can indicate whether the price is likely to spike again or not.

Crypto exchanges comparison – The conclusion

So there you have it, the ideal introduction to crypto exchanges and our comparison tool. We may almost have reached the end of this article, but for you, the adventure is just about to begin, as you can now check out our reviews and find your ideal exchange. Just remember that crypto is risky, so be sure to take measures to manage those risks and plan for losses. It’s also important to diversify your portfolio but only at a steady pace. Refer back to our tips if needed, and you should be alright.

Our favourite crypto exchanges

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Coinbase Crypto Exchange
Coinbase Review
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  • Loads of crypto options
  • Airtight security
  • Supports NFT trading

Best crypto exchanges FAQ

🏆What is the best crypto exchange?

We would argue that it’s impossible to name one single best crypto exchange. Instead, the best approach is to find the right crypto exchange for you. At, the experts rate and review legit crypto exchanges in a way that’s designed to help each user to find their ideal site. Follow the link to discover more.

🔒What is the safest crypto exchange?

A full list of the safest crypto exchanges can be found right here on our website. Our experts have put each and every operator through a strict test to ensure that we never recommend unsafe crypto exchanges to our readers. For crypto reviews that you can trust, head on over to today.

⭐What is the biggest crypto exchange?

That depends on what you are looking for. The biggest in terms of the number of users? The one offering the most currencies? There are so many aspects to what makes a crypto exchange, but you can find the best one in the areas that matter to you most by using the crypto comparison tool here at

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