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Crypto exchanges by number of tradeable coins

There’s no better place to find the crypto exchanges with most coins than right here at In this comparison, our experts have rated and ranked all online exchanges based on the number of coins they offer.

As well as helping you to find the sites with the most coins, we also aim to lead you to your ideal exchange by considering your other trading needs. You can also enhance your overall crypto trading experience by following the top tips that we have provided you in this article.

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Who should make use of our comparison of crypto exchanges with most coins?

If you are interested in trading multiple cryptos and having plenty of choices on offer, then this comparison should be your number one tool. As we said at the top of this article, our experts have ranked all crypto exchanges based on the number of coins that they offer in 2023. You can therefore rest assured that the information found within our list of the best crypto exchanges is always kept up to date.

Do you have to be an expert trader in order to benefit from a site with multiple coins? Not necessarily. While starting off small and slowly as a beginner is always advisable, having the choice then for when you are ready is never a bad thing. In fact, our experts always recommend spreading your investment across more than one cryptocurrency, and we’ll explain why in a little bit more detail later on.

Many intermediate and advanced traders are constantly looking for new and niche coins to invest in. If you find that your current provider is limited in terms of the coins that you can invest in, then this is the place to help you to find a site where you can expand your horizons. In addition to helping you to find the exchanges that are offering the most coins right now in September 2023, we also look at what exchanges are likely to be adding more coins in the future. If you want to move up a step from trading, we can also help you to find the best crypto mining platform for you.

A brief history of cryptocurrency coins

The first cryptocurrency coin in the form that we know today was bitcoin, which was founded in 2009. Despite crashing following an eight-year boom in 2017, bitcoin continues to be the most widely used and best-known cryptocurrency in 2023.

Bitcoin’s first competitors came into being in 2011, with Litecoin being founded, which was quickly followed by Ripple and Ethereum. These all continue to be among the biggest competitors to bitcoin to this day. 2013 saw the arrival of dogecoin, the world’s first-ever “meme coin”, which continues to have a fluctuating cult following now.

In 2023, there are now somewhere in the regions of 20,000 cryptocurrencies available, as well as over 10,000 that are now defunct – commonly referred to as “dead coins”. This is, of course, a massive selection, and finding a crypto exchange that offers you access to all of them is almost impossible. Still, we can help you to find the sites offering access to the biggest possible selection.

Operator checklist: Five things we look for when rating and reviewing crypto exchanges with all coins

Whether we’re helping you to find the best crypto cloud mining sites or the crypto exchanges with most coins, there are some boxes that all sites need to tick. When reviewing operators, our experts put each exchange through a rigorous testing process. Below, we have provided you with the top five criteria that we consider when rating crypto exchanges here at You can check out our review for an example of how our rating process works in action.

1. Regulation

Above all else, it’s vitally important for us to ensure that the crypto exchange is regulated and legally licensed to operate in your country and/or region. In the majority of countries where cryptocurrency trading is completely legal, a license is required. In the US, this is done on a state-by-state basis. In the UK, activities must be regulated by the FCA. If a site is not regulated at all, or not licensed in your area then it will be blacklisted by us and we won’t be recommending it at all.

2. Security 

Once we’re happy enough that a site is regulated and legally allowed to operate in your region, we then move on to matters of security. When using a crypto exchange, it’s vital that your funds and personal information are kept safe from hackers. We therefore need to look at how your account is protected, how transactions are encrypted and how your funds are stored. Additionally, we also look at geolocation technology that ensures players from banned regions can’t access the site. There should also be a solid verification process in place to stop minors from trading.

3. Fees

All trading platforms charge trading fees, it’s something that we can’t avoid. However, we want to find the crypto exchanges with the lowest fees possible, and crucially, no hidden charges at all. Trading fees always have to be charged but we like to see them set as low as possible and to get lower as trading volume increases. The fees we want to avoid are deposit and/or withdrawal fees, as well as other non-trading fees, including account inactivity charges. Low-fee crypto trading is something that matters to traders of all experience levels and investment sizes.

4. Conditions

As part of our review process, the terms and conditions for each exchange are read through multiple times in full. As a result, we are able to be 100% sure about the fairness of the overall trading conditions, which helps us to provide a fair and honest report. An exchange can offer you all of the cryptocurrencies under the sun, but if the trading conditions are poor and unfair, then you’re most likely not going to have an enjoyable trading experience and could end up losing your capital.

5. Reviews

We might be constructing our own reviews here, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t take other reviews into account. In fact, a vital part of our own review process is taking a look at the experiences of existing traders on the exchange. User reviews give us a truer reflection of the everyday crypto trader using the site, which allows us to take our expert hat off for a second. Additionally, user reviews provide us with experiences that are likely to reflect those of our readership.

Editor’s recommendation for the best crypto exchange with the most coins

As well as picking the crypto exchanges with the most coins, we also have to consider the other aspects of the site when picking out our editor’s recommendation. As we said previously, it’s important that a site also ticks all of the other necessary boxes, including the five listed above, for us to recommend the site. With that in mind, our editor’s recommendation as the number one crypto exchange in September 2023 is Binance.

You can currently trade over 500 cryptocurrencies on Binance, including bitcoin, litecoins and all the big names. Additionally, there are also plenty of more niche coins, as well as Binance’s very own token, called Binance Coin (BNB). For some countries, this number may be restricted due to local regulations. For example, US traders also have access to around 60 of these 500, which is still a high number for that market.

In terms of everything else, there’s a lot more to like about Binance than just the range of coins that you can trade. The website and trading platforms themselves are extremely user-friendly, and the operator has capabilities to suit traders of all experience levels. The fees are low and the trading conditions are fair and reasonable. Overall, this is a site that we would hesitate to recommend for new and experienced traders alike. Take a look at our Coinmama review for a head-to-head comparison.

Finding the right crypto exchanges with most coins for you

While we have given you our top recommended crypto exchange with the most coins above, that’s not really at the core of what we do here at Our primary purpose is to help you to find your ideal site via this comparison tool. The range of coins available is just one small aspect of many that you are most likely considering when looking for new crypto exchanges, and we want to take everything into account.

Our reviews are all researched and written in a way that is designed to help each of our readers to find the right crypto exchange for them. As well as giving operators an overall rating, we also rate them on a categorized basis. That way, you can discover the exchanges that have the strongest ratings in the areas that matter to you most.

What type of trader are you?

So what other things might you be considering when choosing a new crypto exchange platform? Firstly, you might be thinking about the trading platform itself and what qualities it has. Experienced traders will need a more complex platform with a range of functions, while newer traders will need one that’s simpler and easy to follow. Those of you who like to trade on the move will need a mobile app.

How you store your keys to the blockchain is also important, so you need to find an operator with a good software wallet. Otherwise, you might have to supplement your account by looking at the best crypto hardware wallets as well. There are a number of factors that contribute to finding your ideal platform and whatever you might be looking for in a crypto exchange, however niche, we can help you to find it here at

Five ultimate tips for using crypto exchanges with most coins

At, we don’t just want to help you to find your ideal crypto exchange – that’s merely just the start of our job. Once that’s done, we want to help you to have the best possible trading experience. That’s why below we’ve provided you with our expert’s top five tips for using crypto exchanges. By following these tips, we hope that you can trade safely and give yourself the best possible experience when trading cryptocurrencies.


This isn’t just a tip for new traders, as crypto trading is an area where you can never stop learning. As we are looking for exchanges with a high number of coins here, knowing which ones to invest in is vital. Finding legit guides can be a tough business, but we’ve got you covered here at, where you can find articles written by experts that you can trust


Given that you’re on a comparison page looking for an exchange with the most coins, it probably goes without saying that you are looking to invest in more than one cryptocurrency. However, it’s still worth reinforcing the fact that making calculated investments in a number of coins is a good way to go. If you invest in just one cryptocurrency, then you are left completely exposed should the market crash. By spreading your investments, you’re more protected in this instance.


Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, which makes them very risky investments. While traders are attracted by the large spikes in value that can happen, there is also the fact that the value can fall just as quickly and sharply. You take steps to manage your risk by investing a small amount that is no more than you can realistically afford to lose without doing yourself any form of financial harm.


Although you might not think it, the payment method that you use is extremely important. Some payment methods are quicker for deposit and withdrawal processing times, while others incur lower fees than others. Additionally, banks and certain payment providers might charge you fees at the other end. Our comparison of the crypto exchanges that accept PayPal is hugely popular for good reason here at


While most exchanges will give you access to a software wallet, we don’t recommend using this to store the bulk of your funds. These wallets are useful for frequent traders, but it’s far more secure to store your key(s) to the blockchain in an external hardware wallet. You can find out exactly how crypto hardware wallets work by reading this handy guide here at

Crypto exchanges with most coins – Our conclusion

So there you have it, the best possible introduction to crypto exchanges and our comparison of those with the best coins. Now the real fun is about to begin as you can use our reviews and ratings in order to find your ideal crypto exchange platform. Before you start trading with a new platform, just remember to follow our experts’ top tips and manage your investment and risk. Investing in more than one currency at the same time is recommended by us, but it should be done with caution, study and calculation.

The best exchanges right now

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Coinbase Crypto Exchange
Coinbase Review
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  • Loads of crypto options
  • Airtight security
  • Supports NFT trading

Crypto exchanges with most coins FAQ

💱 What exchange has the most cryptocurrencies?

The answer to this question is always changing, as crypto exchanges are quite literally adding new coins to be traded almost every single day. It’s therefore important to keep on top of things by consulting our list of the exchanges offering the most coins in September 2023 here at Our information is kept up to date for the exchanges in your regions.

📈 What is the biggest crypto exchange?

There are multiple large-scale crypto exchanges available for traders in 2023, but bigger doesn’t always mean better. While the amount of users and range of coins is important, we would always put quality ahead of quantity when it comes to your trading experience. Discover more by using the crypto exchange comparison tool on our website.

❓ What exchange has the most altcoins?

First of all, we need to address the question of what altcoins actually are. While some people believe them to merely be niche coins, the term “altcoins” actually refers to all coins other than bitcoin. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that there are many of those out there, and you can see a list of the crypto exchanges offering the most in September 2023 right here at Follow the link to our site for more.

🏆 What crypto exchange is the best?

This is something of a subjective question, which is why the experts here at have approached it in such a way. We have created a crypto exchange comparison tool that has been designed to help each individual to find their ideal platform. Rather than just rating and ranking what we think are the best sites, we rate each exchange based on a number of different categories.

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