Zero Collateral Crypto Loans for 2023

Zero collateral loans on DeFi and their security risks

We’re taking a look into zero collateral crypto loans in this detailed article. You may not have realized that zero collateral loans have hit the marketplace in a big way, so this useful text is sure to fire your imagination.

You can expect to pay higher interest for these loans, and you will need to hunt around carefully for the right one. This is an emerging marketplace, so has not yet hit the mainstream crypto lending sector. Traditional crypto lending ties up too much collateral and can limit economies. So, it seems this is the way DeFi is heading.

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Zero Collateral Crypto Loans for 2023

The lending sector is an $11 trillion industry in the US alone, and the decentralized financial sector (DeFi) is anxious for a share of the market. Zero collateral crypto loans charging the highest crypto lending rates are an emerging trend; whether flash loans or unsecured loans over the longer period. As the DeFi matures it seems likely this trend will continue to grow, giving individuals and businesses with little to no collateral opportunities to access high levels of funding.

There are lots of factors contributing to the increased call for crypto loans without collateral. At the outset of crypto lending it was seen that collateralization was the way ahead, with loans secured by way of assets as a way to cut default risk. This has been proved to be defective thinking, as over-collateralization has been the result.

Over-collateralization leads to assets being tied up and can really cause a severe impact on economies and businesses. Many lenders request up to 150% upfront in collateral before releasing funds. Although this does mean the lender is protected in the event of default, it also means that borrowers need to have collateral and limits the number of people and businesses that can apply for funding.

Is zero collateral crypto loan safe?

The zero collateral crypto loan arena is based on the security of the Ethereum blockchain, so crypto asset holders have ways other than Ethereum margin lending to make money. Instantaneous flash loans rely on just one blockchain transaction to make money and are also zero collateral crypto loans.

Many DeFi lenders believe the need for collateral-backed loans holds the entire system back and can result in severe economic strain. Most borrowers want to borrow funds precisely because they don’t have collateral they can use to secure lending. Opening up to zero collateral loans will be key to the DeFi breaking into global lending and debt markets.

Major players in the DeFi are anxious to offer zero collateral crypto loans in an attempt to break into the mortgage, business backing, and student loans markets. The downside to this being that lenders will need to keep a watchful eye out for defaults and missed payments.

If you’re considering taking out a zero collateral crypto loan, you’ll probably have to submit to careful scrutiny of all your financial dealings before any decision is made. Most of these loans require case-by-case scrutiny from lenders and can be difficult to get hold of. We’re taking a look at some providers of zero collateral loans and flash loans below, so read on to discover more!

What is collateral and how is it kept safe?

Most decentralized crypto lending relies on crypto assets as collateral or security for the loans. In the traditional lending sphere you might use your wholly owned house or car as collateral for loans, and in the crypto lending sphere this translates to depositing your existing crypto assets in order to obtain a loan.

You will need to pledge your existing crypto assets upfront in order to secure a traditional crypto loan. In the event you default on the loan, your collateral is used to repay the debt. Your lender holds your crypto assets in a secure offline cold wallet to ensure its safety throughout the term of the loan. Once the loan has been repaid, your crypto assets are returned to you. Many forward-thinking bodies within the DeFi space see this as faulty reasoning, as you don’t necessarily need a crypto loan if you already possess substantial crypto assets.

Zero collateral crypto loans do away with the need to pledge any securities upfront, but they can be difficult to obtain. The marketplace is still new and lenders are jittery about loaning funds with zero collateral. The good news is that zero collateral crypto loans take into account all five C’s of traditional lending. Not only collateral and loan conditions, but also the borrower’s character, capacity – which is based on debt to income ratio – and the amount of capital any borrower can lay their hands on.

What is the DeFi system?

The Decentralized Financial system (DeFi) is totally different to the Centralized Financial system (CeFi) operated by banks and leading lenders. The DeFi system relies upon blockchain technology and is ideal for cryptocurrency transactions. DeFi transactions eliminate the middleman from the chain entirely and make it easier to access financial services from any location.

The DeFi system relies upon the Internet and emerging technology to operate, and works via peer to peer financial networks. It gives individuals greater control over their money via personal wallets and better individualization of services. The system works by use of financial technology based on blocks of secure distributed ledgers, as in cryptocurrency.  Blockchain technology is extremely secure as once a transaction is set in place, the blocks are secured and there is no way to alter them. You can put instant crypto credit lines in place using DeFi as it has been specifically designed for cryptocurrency transactions.

Just some of the advantages of DeFi include:

  • Elimination of the fees charged by banks and other financial institutions
  • Your money is held in a secure digital wallet, instead of in a bank vault
  • Anybody with access to the internet can access the DeFi; there is no need for approvals
  • Funds can be transferred in just seconds

Where can I find zero collateral crypto loans?

You’ll have to hunt around for zero collateral crypto loans as they are not a mainstream offering at this moment in time. So don’t neglect to source a crypto lending calculator online to check out whether this form of borrowing is right for you. A crypto lending calculator will certainly be essential if you’re planning to take out a zero collateral flash loan, as it’s important to build your profit margin into all your calculations. These loans are executed in seconds and are built into the blockchain, so they are perfectly secure.

You can rely on BitStacker to provide you with the most up-to-the-minute information on crypto lending, so our platform is a great place to start looking for zero security crypto loans. We take all the hassles away from online searches and offer you information about the most trusted crypto lending sites.  Atlendis is one zero collateral crypto lending platform that could be just right for you, and we’ll take a quick look at their offering below. Goldfinch is another zero collateral crypto lending platform that’s been making the news lately, and we’re going to take a look at this novel lender below as well.

Atlendis zero collateral crypto loans

Atlendis supply zero collateral crypto loans to institutional borrowers only and offer a capital-efficient platform to both lenders and borrowers. Applicants need to go through a lengthy whitelisting process in order to apply. You will then have access to liquidity pools to choose the best loan to suit your needs.

Lenders set their own interest rate for loans and borrowers only pay interest on the portion of the loan that is used. So it’s not unusual to see varying interest rates on the Atlendis platform.  The remainder of the finance is locked into the borrower liquidity pool and can be used for recurrent financial needs. So you only pay the borrowing fee on the amount of capital borrowed and pay a liquidity fee on any unused capital.

Atlendis works with a variety of lenders and the lender has control of who they lend to. This offers a more granular service to lenders, enabling them to pick and choose who they lend capital to. The Atlendis whitelisting process is extremely comprehensive and weeds out unsuitable loan candidates.

About Goldfinch

Goldfinch is another new zero collateral crypto loan provider, but currently only operates in emerging markets. This may change in the future, so there’s no harm in discussing the Goldfinch offering in this comprehensive BitStacker article. Peer lenders or liquidity providers offer up capital to the various borrower pools. Goldfinch partners with trusted providers in emerging markets, such as Mexico and Nigeria, at this moment in time.

The Goldfinch mission is to expand access to capital and “unlock crypto lending for most people in the world”.  Goldfinch has not been operational for long and has opened its trading with emerging markets; however, the brand looks to be going places so it may not be too long before Goldfinch loans are more widely available.

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Flash loans are also crypto loans without collateral

Flash loans are other forms of crypto loans without collateral and the marketplace has really opened up. You’ll need to be quite an expert in blockchain tech to arrange your own flash loans, and we discuss these instantaneous flash loan transactions in more detail below.

About flash loans

Flash loans have taken center stage in the De-Fi system, and are high interest zero collateral loans used within a trade window to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities (simultaneous buying and selling of securities). To put it bluntly, the borrowed funds are used to buy a crypto asset and immediately sell it on at a profit, utilizing the blockchain single transaction methodology to expedite the deal.

Flash loans tend to be the province of crypto experts. One crypto lending platform, Aave, lent out half a billion dollars in flash loans within the first nine months of offering the facility. But one of the top crypto lending platforms, Binance, states that “crypto lenders’ offering non-collateral loans may be fraudulent actors who want to steal your assets or identity”. Check out our crypto lending explained posts to discover more about Binance and other top players within this field.

About Aave flash loans

Aave say their flash loans are principally designed for developers due to the complexity of executing transactions. In order to access a flash loan at Aave, you need to set up a contract on their site. This contract will list all the steps needed to carry out your transaction and to pay off the required interest and loan. Flash loans often feature zero transaction fees, as they may only take seconds to complete. You can find out more about zero collateral flash loans here at BitStacker.

Zero collateral loans on DeFi and their security risks

One of the major security risks with flash loans is that they have fallen prey to cyber attacks. Vast sums of money can be involved in single flash loan transactions, so they are ripe for attack. The security risks associated with default are mitigated with flash loans, as they always need to be repaid within a single transaction.

Over 70 DeFi attacks to steal significant sums of money have been recorded to date. Cyber thieves take out flash loans and use them to manipulate the market. One such attack on Pancake Bunny in May 2021 resulted in the brand’s Bunny Tokens tanking in value from $220 to around $10 within a single day, and cost the brand $45 million. In all, about $1.5 billion has been stolen by way of flash loan attacks.

More security tools are being deployed in the DeFi system to guard against such attacks, and better smart contracts are also being developed.

Default is a major crypto lending risk for brands offering zero collateral crypto loans, but the rewards by way of higher interest rates can be enormous. As the marketplace opens up further, this will become more apparent and brands are likely to face soaring insurance costs if they plan to offer such loans.

Conclusion – why zero collateral crypto loans are here to stay

We’re really impressed by the development of zero collateral crypto loans. The sector is still in its infancy, but if you hunt around you’re sure to find a loan to suit you. Whether you’re looking for an instantaneous flash loan or a longer term crypto loan, the arrival of zero collateral credit really opens the marketplace. We’re quite sure that the fast-evolving DeFi sector will address issues surrounding security with these loans, and if your financial records can stand up to the scrutiny there’s nothing to stop you applying for one today. Find out more about crypto loans here at BitStacker!

Zero collateral crypto loans FAQ

❓Are zero collateral crypto loans legit?

You need to carefully scrutinize all the terms and conditions of any zero collateral crypto loan before making any decision to go ahead with the loan. You will find providers in the marketplace, but this is an emerging sector of the DeFi, so you may need to hunt around. Let BitStacker take away all your problems with accessing zero collateral crypto loans and traditional collateralized crypto loans by reading some of our detailed articles on these topics.

What happens if you don’t pay back a crypto loan?

All crypto lending platforms have insurances to cover them against loan defaults. That said, you should always read the terms and conditions of any loan you take out prior to making any hard and fast decision. You can discover more about crypto loans at BitStacker, where we discuss all the emerging trends within the DeFi sector.

💲How do I access Aave flash loans?

You can find out all about Aave flash loans in the BitStacker definitive guide to zero collateral crypto loans. There are lots of different types of zero collateral crypto loans on the marketplace, and flash loans are just one of them. These loans are designed to be executed in seconds, so may not be the best option for you. 

💹Which zero collateral crypto loan platform is best?

Different zero collateral crypto loan platforms offer a variety of loans. You’re sure to find the zero collateral crypto loan geared towards your needs when you consult the comprehensive BitStacker guides to the topic. You can also read informative articles on collateralized loans, as well as guides to the top lending platforms in the marketplace..

💰Where can I find out about zero collateral crypto loans?

BitStacker is your go-to website for zero collateral crypto loan information. The site looks at all the available crypto loans in the marketplace and discusses the benefits of zero collateral loans versus traditional collateralized loans. When you need to thoroughly understand anything to do with the crypto lending marketplace, BitStacker should be your preferred partner.

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