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Cryptocurrencies are part of one of the most volatile financial markets worldwide. This makes them a great choice for customers to trade and invest in. So how do crypto wallets come into the picture?

At Bitstacker, we created a Keystone review to look at one of the most advanced hardware wallets available in the crypto industry. We’ll discuss why this is such a popular choice for crypto investors of different skill levels and how it can take your portfolio to the next level of security.

Keystone: Pros & Cons
  • Large screen
  • Open-source firmware
  • User-friendly interface
  • No autofill addresses for repeat transactions

What is a Keystone wallet? - An advanced hardware system

You may not be familiar with hardware wallets and could be wondering, is Keystone legit and reliable to use. That’s where we come in to give you an insight into this advanced crypto wallet and how it can be an excellent choice to improve your digital coin safety in the long run.

Air-gapped technology

Our Keystone review found that this hardware wallet uses the latest air-gapped system to ensure your funds are safe. It works by not allowing a direct connection to the internet or any other online computer to enhance security. Keystone describes itself as the next evolution of cold storage due to its open-source SE firmware and transparent QR codes on the system. This open-source way of doing things works well in the blockchain system as it is developed freely and is open about the ins and outs of how the device is as secure as it is. This makes it harder for hackers or third party entities to interfere as nothing is locked away or hidden.

Cold storage wallet

Keystone wallets are a favorite among crypto enthusiasts as they encourage you to use cold storage instead of hot. This means the digital coins you have saved in your portfolio will not be accessed unless they are attached to an online internet connection. You should be able to monitor your funds using an app on a desktop or mobile device to see how they are changing in line with the current cryptocurrency market. You can buy a Keystone wallet online, but it does come with a cost that may not be appealing to new crypto investors. Still, advanced crypto users could benefit from spending approximately $150 for the Keystone Essential and around $200 for the Keystone Pro.

From Cobo to Keystone

Our Keystone review discovered that the company was originally named Cobo Wallet, which was founded in 2017 during a peak time for customers purchasing Bitcoin in its bull market. Since its name change, the company has seen many improvements and now gives customers one of the safest performances when choosing a hardware wallet to store their cryptos offline. Unlike other hardware wallets, Keystone only supports a small number of digital coins, nine, and tokens, 700. But this can work to its advantage: it has features that will ensure each of the digital currencies customers choose to keep on the hardware will have streamlined access to decentralized apps on different platforms when they come to buy or sell their funds.

Mobile app - An essential

When you purchase any Keystone hardware wallet, it is essential that you download the companion app to go along with it. The Keystone Hardware Wallet app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices via the likes of the Apple App Store and Google Play. The Keystone hardware wallet itself is a device that keeps your key to the blockchain in a cold (offline) storage.

This means that the app is your number one companion when it comes to viewing all of your balances. You can also prepare your transactions, both sending and receiving, by using the keystone app. However, you will need to use the hardware wallet itself to finalize any transactions that you make. The huge role that it plays means that the app has to be fit for purpose, and thankfully it has been developed up to a very high standard. Additionally, Keystone also has a good track record for updating the app on a regular basis.

Payments - Safe payments with Keystone

The best and safest way to buy your Keystone hardware crypto wallet is directly from the website. The fastest way to finalize your purchase at the checkout is by using PayPal, which offers you access to the Express Checkout service. Other than that you can manually enter your personal billing and shipping details in order to make your purchase via credit or debit card. Shipping and VAT are added on when making the purchase and will vary depending on where in the world you are. Despite your location, all sales will be processed in USD.

Customer service - Lots of great help choices

The main “Support” button at the top of your screen will initially take you to the Keystone support center, which will open in a separate tab. Although we are usually critical of mechanisms that appear to deflect customers away from dealing with an actual human customer service agent, we have to say that the support center here is up to a very high standard. It is detailed, well-designed and almost no stone has been left unturned.

If you don’t manage to resolve your problem via the support center, then you can click on the “Contact Us” button. This will take you to the Keystone service desk, where you can then select your issue from a dropdown menu and fill out a form requesting them to get back in touch with you. While we would like to see a live chat/and or phone number, we did receive a decent level of support when testing the platform.

Benefits of choosing Keystone

You could be looking through our Keystone review and wondering, is Keystone as safe as it claims to be? So we included a few key benefits that can make your decision about Keystone and hardware wallets easier.

Advanced security

In addition to its self-destruct mechanism and different firmware features, the device has other authentication methods to ensure you’re the only person accessing your funds. This includes fingerprint authentication, similar to what you find on smartphone devices, that only allows the person who authorized the account to access their savings. This gives customers freedom in using the device as they can efficiently turn it on and off securely. It also has web authentication, initiated when users first set up their wallets. This ensures that customers’ wallets are not subject to a supply chain attack and not tampered with or swapped for a different device.

Improves trading experience

Individuals using the best cryptocurrency exchanges will know that some of these platforms will also provide a hot storage wallet for customers to keep their cryptos ready for when they want to trade on the market. It’s simple to have all your crypto needs in one place. Using a hardware wallet ensures speedy transaction times and larger storage space, especially if you’re a high roller or have an impressive crypto portfolio you don’t want to risk being tampered with.

Risks – Risks found in our Keystone review

There aren’t as many risks when it comes to using a Keystone wallet, but you should consider these when deciding which brand you’d like to choose. Generally, are hardware crypto wallets safe? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their downsides.

Expensive price point

Our Keystone review discovered this brand of hardware wallet is one of the more expensive options in the market. This may not be ideal as it accepts a smaller range of cryptocurrencies and tokens than other brands that can take on thousands of digital coins on their server. Customers new to online crypto investing might not see the need to purchase a hardware wallet because of the cost, but this could put their portfolio at risk, as they’re keeping all their funds on a hot storage wallet online.

Difficult to add transaction addresses manually

Unlike other hardware wallet providers, Keystone has a touch-screen which gives users more mobility when making transactions. However, if you have an address you want to send some Ethereum to, for example, it could take a while to ensure you get the address right. These addresses are usually a long series of numbers, letters and symbols, so one wrong input and the funds might not be going to the correct destination. Other devices in the market may have an auto-generated address feature which cuts down transaction time, so you may need to compare what’s available.

Keystone Crypto Wallet

Keystone wallet features - top features to consider

At Bitstacker, our team put together some of the most important features for using a Keystone wallet. So if you need some additional reasons why this hardware wallet could be the one best suited to you, take a look at what it offers customers below. Our Keystone review found that the top crypto hardware wallets should cater to different skill levels or have additional options for the device version you want.

For example, the Keystone Essential is a better option for beginners as it has more basic features for customers to take advantage of. The Keystone Pro is better suited to customers who want more access to a higher amount of crypto to be kept secure.


We discovered that Keystone uses a battery-powered device which has an excellent battery life of approximately two years. You can also detach the battery from the device to prevent any corrosion on the inside that could damage the product. Battery-powered is a better choice than something which needs to be attached to a power source, as it makes the device more accessible in different locations. For example, if you want to access your crypto funds while you’re traveling, you don’t have to worry about charging the battery and having it last during your stay.

Touch-screen design

Our expert team found this feature an amazing addition to the design. Not all hardware devices in the market allow you to use a touch-screen; the majority only have buttons you can press. The advanced Keystone design is perfect for customers who want an easy to navigate layout, especially if they’re new to hardware devices and want the experience to be as efficient and streamlined as possible. This design also helps to reduce human error as you’ll have more space to type out your prompts. This could be if you’re transferring funds or receiving them easily into the wallet.

Bitcoin-only firmware or multi-coin options

In addition, our Keystone review found that customers have the option to use the default multi-coin firmware or the Bitcoin-only version. If you know you only want to store Bitcoin in this hardware wallet, you have the opportunity to have tailored firmware to cater to this experience. However, once you decide you want to use the Bitcoin-only option, you won’t be able to change back to the multi-coin firmware. We suggest you look at your portfolio and consider how diverse you want it to be. If you’re looking to expand and bring in different digital coins, keep the software as it is with simultaneous coin storage.

Self-destruct mechanism

Another key feature of this hardware wallet is its ability to self-destruct if it feels a threat by a side-channel is about to hack into the software and steal your private keys. A side-channel attack means the wallet’s circuit board has been tampered with. This includes how the device can process information and transaction activities and connect your private keys to access your crypto funds. A way to counteract this is by using the self-destruct procedure. Although it may seem extreme, it can be an excellent way for your funds not to be discovered by any hackers.

Proceed with caution

We advise customers to be careful as two components in the device need to be in contact for the hardware to work. If they stop touching, the system will immediately shut down, as these conduct electricity to each other, with one on the screen and the other on the circuit board. Individuals can also press a button to trigger this mechanism, so keep that in mind.

Keystone review FAQ

❓What is a Keystone wallet?

At Bitstacker, we look at different top choices to store your cryptos offline. We created a Keystone wallet review to discover the ins and outs of the brand and how it could benefit your online digital coin transaction experience. Our website creates reviews to answer questions like is Stormgain safe and what is a Keystone wallet, so discover what we found out today.

✔Are hardware wallets necessary?

Our Keystone review looked at why customers may want to consider using a hardware wallet instead of a software one. At Bitstacker, we ensure our readers know whether platforms are reliable. For example, is Stake.com safe if offline wallets are needed to enhance customers’ online performance? Whether you use a hot or cold storage wallet, we outlined the advantages and disadvantages of our website.

✍How do I successfully use a Keystone wallet?

Some of the top crypto lending platforms might have their own hot storage wallet on the site for customers to easily access their cryptos. However, not everyone wants to have all their eggs in one basket, so we created a Keystone review to determine how well hardware wallets perform. Check out our review if you’re interested in successfully setting one up and using it.

🌟Which crypto wallet brand is the best for me?

Several well-known crypto wallet brands, software, and hardware are excellent choices. You could be using the best crypto mining platform and want to put your cryptos in a more secure location. So we put together a Keystone review to find out how that fares against the competition. Check out our website for the latest on which crypto wallet brand could be right for you.

Conclusion - Make the most of our Keystone review and try the device

Overall, when looking at a crypto wallet, hardware vs software, Keystone comes out on top as a popular hardware choice. Our Keystone review discovered this device to be one of the most advanced options for customers to ensure their cryptocurrencies are secure in an offline location. Whether you’re new to crypto investing or have experience as a high roller crypto trader, having a separate place to keep your digital currency funds is an excellent way to keep yourself out of any hacking incidents.

Hardware wallets like Keystone have years of experience ensuring customers can benefit from their touch-screen design, QR code way of transferring information and firmware options to suit the needs of multi-coin users or Bitcoin-only investors. We recommend you try the Keystone wallet if you want an advanced way to keep tabs on your coins. Although the price point may be higher than your average, depending on which model you choose, the Keystone Essential or the Keystone Pro, they’ll be great ways to boost your online crypto performance.

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